They say memories are golden,

well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,

a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,

you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,

in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place,

that no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway,
and heartache make a lane,
I`d walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.... 

Copenhagen Junior Winner -13



Tournais Red Headed Stepdaughter "Mokka"

2012 - 2016

Jew -06 Tournais Bee Gees

"Yatzy" "Mamma"

1995 - 2015

Took a big piece of my heart with her, til we meet again

Tournais Kachina Protector


20081125 - 20090427

Im sorry

Tournais Butt Kissing Side Kick

"Taco Bell"

20080501 - 20090427

You deserved better

Tournais Put A Spell On You


20090313 - 20100520

"Dogge" have today left us after a time of sickness.

Tournais Shanti Shakti


20020720 - 20110412

Without you none of this would have been possible.

SUCH Tournais Enough Is Enough


19980617 - 20110922

One of my longest relationships. Thank you for all the years!