AM CH, FR CH, Gibraltar CH, INT CH Legend's Black Jack

AM CH Sarachi Start Of A Legend

Lemiz Master Of The House At Thalcyon

Thalcyon Mizz Cheivious For Sarachi
AMCH  Crestars Xquizite At Legends


AMCH  Blandora Without A Doubt

AMCH  CANCH  INTCH  Can BIS Crestars Optical Attraction


Tournais Bee Gees "Yatzy"

Taijan Dreamer The Bacchus


USA CH Razzmatazz Araby

MULTI CH Strippoker's Dragqueen

Tournais Shanti Shakti


 Karests Just Jokin Around

AMCH S & FINUCH SUCH Tapscotts Anastasia