Thanks You all for showing and finishing your precious dogs!

Without you my kennel would be nothing!


SUCH NUCH Tournais X-trovert Personality  &  NUCH Tournais Rythm'n Blues

Such a weekend we have had! 

23rd - 24th april my kennel recieved CAC and Best Male placement in Sweden.

And CAC, BOB and BOS in Norway.

Thanks to Ann Kristin for working so well!


Owner: Ann-Kristin Solen, Norway




SUCH Tournais Enough is Enough "Jack"


Tournais Emotional Exstacy "Tyson"


1 CAC Visby 1999


Breeder: Maria McDermit        

Breeder: Maria McDermit




  Tournais Love Hurts "Kitty"        
Tournais Burning Midnight oil



               Getting his first points in USA


Breeder: Maria McDermit        


AM CH INT CH Tournais Nothing Like Me "Maya"

Owner: Kiko Bisbee, USA  --  Breeder: Maria McDermit


Northwestern Arkansas K C   JudgeD. Holloway     1st, WB, BOB- 1pt
    Group Judge: L. Wiseman   "GROUP 4"
Northwestern Arkansas K C      Judge: L. Wiseman   1st, WB, BOS, 1pt
St. Joseph K C    Judge: S. Mason   1st, WB, BOW, 3 pts
Columbia K C   Judge: S. Hayden   1st,WB,BOW,BOB (Over 3 Specials), 5 pts
HOAKC    Judge: D. Mounce   1st, WB, 3 pts
Topeka K C    Judge: B. Alderman   1st, WB, BOB (Over 2 Specials), 2pts


Tournais On the Road to Tapscott "Tori"

Owner: Rose Pollard, Kennel Roc-N-Win , USA

She had her first show 4th and 5th May and got two Winner bitch together with points.




Tournais Promises and Lies "Sibylla"   Gingery's Ladyhwak    

CAN CH Tournais Swedish Saint to Sunberry "Java"

24/5-02 AKC Muskogee WINNERS BITCH,

20090725 Grenaa, Denmark, judge, Esther Joseph

ex1, Intermediateclasswinner, CAC, BOS

BOS and he finished before he turned one year!!!
Owner: Owner: Grace Westerson, Canada



Tournais Shanti Shakti "Saga"        

NUCH Tournais Rythm'n Blues "Shanaya"

030802 Sundsvall, Res. CAC, CAC, BOS and second BIS Junior. Judge: Jane Lanning, GB          Bergen, Norge  040328, CAC
Nyköping CAC and BOS         050710 Alfta Judge: Selbach, res. CAC, 2nd Best Bitch
070723 Show in DK. res.CAC, CAC 2nt Best Bitch        
20100710, Norway, judge, Marion Spavin, BIR, BIS1
Owner: Maria McDermit.        

Owner: Ann Kristin Solen, Norge




SUCH NUCH Tournais X-trovert Personality "Oliver"         Tournais Now Or Never "Crow"
CACIB, BOB, 3rd BIG 2007         CAC, 2nd Best Male, Alfta 040710

Owner: Ann Kristin Solen, Norge

        Ownere: Sissie Wikström, Enskede




Tournais So Far So Good "Tuva"         Tournais X As In Mr X "Smokey"
 res. CAC, CAC, BOS. 040724 Grenå, Denmark Judge: Mrs Behoff, Australien..         040619 BOS, CAC
Owner: Sissie Wikström, Enskede         Owner: Inger-Lise Ohrstrand, Kennel Qu-Ya-Va




Tournais Sweet Red Hot Chili Pepper "Chili"         DKCH, Norduch, Intuch SUCH FINUCH Tournais Duran Duran "Shaggy"
060720 Grenå, Denmark. CAC, 3rd Best Male.  Judge: Robert Verhulst, Canada. 060701. Visby. Judge: Ove Germundsson  CAC. 2nd Best Male
060721 Grenå Denmark. Judge: Janusz Opara, Poland.CAC 2nd Best Male. Youthclasswinner males.
070730 Judge: Margorota Supronovic CAC, 3rd Best Male
080107 Finland res.CAC, CAC, CACIB, BOB
080622 Tournais Duran Duran recieved BOS with CACIB in Rovaniemi in Finland

Judge: Marjatta Rylvänäinen Soursa.

080105 Tournais Duran Duran CAC, CACIB och BOB in Kajaani in Finland.

Judge: Raiko Rotner.

Ownere: Birgitta Fredborg, Gysinge Owner: Carina Stark




10th most winning bitch in Sweden.          

Tournais Slippery When Wet "Java"


Tournais Samantha Fox "Foxy"

        JEUW-06 Tournais Bee Gees "Yatzy"
    20140906 Högbo CQ , res CAC      
070513 Finland CAC, BOS   20140914 GIMO CQ, CAC, CACIB, 2nd best male      
080107 Finland res. CAC.          
Owner: Anna-Lena Larsson, Boden   Owner: Helene     Owner: Maria Mc Dermit, Tournais Kennel





JNV-07 Tournais Madonna

  Tournais Mixed Fruit Cocktail "Casar"     Tournais Green Chili Pepper
    120616, Kirkenes, Norway, CAC, BOB, judge: Nils Molin     080426 Hammerfest CAC, BOS
          20080621 Kirkenes CAC, BOB, BIG 3
Owner: Maria Ryrbäck, Färentuna   Owner: Agneta Grundin Utsi, Norge     Owner: Camilla Grundin Utsi




JBALTW-06 Tournais Drop It Like Its Hot "Posh"     Tournais Yo Supa Gangsta "Smiley"
  Owner: Lisa Johnsson, Lisar's kennel     Owner: Anna Lena Nilsson, kennel Lucky Line  

CAC BOB, BIS 3:a Danmark, Juli 08

080927 CAC, Best female 2nd, Åland

20091016 Danmark  Ex. 1, Best Female 2nd


20120220 Piteå Best female 2nd, r-cac




Tournais Swedish Cold Gangsta "Sairon"     Tournais French Escargot "Ecco"

20100619, Norway, Kirkenes, judge Karl-Erik Johansson, CAC, BIM

20130622 Kirkenes, RES CAC and best male 2nd, judge: Johan J Juslin.






Tournais Wicked Witch From the West "Wikkie"     NUCH NW-13 Tournais Baccara "Ayla"
  20090705, Gotland, judge Tatiana Urek, ck, yoith class winner, CERT, BIR     20081109 Orkdal, Norge, judge Helge Werner Hagen, CERT  
  20090926, åland int, judge, Machentanz, youth class winner, res CAC, CACIB, 2:nd best female     20090829 Trondheim, Norge, Judge: Martin Croeser, CERT, BIM.
  20100417 Forshaga, judge Jan Sonne Schmitt, ck, CAC, BOB, best youngster    

20090926 Bergen, Norway, judge Steven Seymore, CAC, BIR

20090927 Bergen, Norway, judge Dan Ericsson, CAC, BIR

20100710, Vestnes, Norway, judge Marion Spavin, CAC, BIM

        20131117 Norway, NW-13 Norwegian Veteran Winner -13  




CANCH Tournais Top Dawgh From Sweden "Fonzie"     CANCH Tournais Laughing Out Loud "Luna"
  6 Best of Breeds and 1 Best Puppy in Toy Group so far.     9 Points with 4 Winners Bitches and 4 Best of Opposites so far.  




LVJCH Tournais Karma Is A Bitch "Kharma"

Owner: Lena Solomatina, kennel Sidabrine Tuopa

20130421, Nacional show Panevezys, judge Inese Pablaka JCAC (ex and class winner)

20130523 Chech rep. Judge Olga Dolejsova J-CAC, JBOS, J-BIS 1

20130709 Palanga, J-CAC and LVJCH

20130706 Lithuania, Plunge, junior kl.-excellent 1, JCAC
20130707 Lithuania, Plunge, junior kl.-excellent 1, JCAC


International IABC AMCH Champion Tournais Burning Midnight Oil "Levi"

Owner: Kathy Ahoe, kennel Breezy Meadows Chinese Cresteds



BLRch, CYch, MNch, GEOch, MKch, MOLcH, RUSch, RUSJch,


Tournais X-mas Gift "Brando"

20111113, Moscow, Russia, judge Tiina Taulos, CW, JCAC, Best Junior

20111127, Russia, judges: L. Sokolova and A. Burykin, 2*CW, 2*JCAC, 2*Best Junior, BOB


20120519 (Klin, Russia), CW, CAC, BOS, judge N. Kashirin

20120812, 2* National Dog Shows (Moscow, Russia) 2*CW, 2*BOB. judges L. Krakovskaya and S. Vanja. RUSSIAN CHAMPION!


20121019 - 20121021 New Azerbaijan CHAMPION, Macedonia CHAMPION, Uzbekistan CHAMPION.

2013 Belarus CH BOB, BIG3

20130326 Israel CH

20130606 - 09 Baku, Azerbaijan 6 X BOB, 8 x BOS, 8 X CAC , 2 X CACIB, BEST OF GROUP III
20130606 - CAC, BOS - MONTENEGRO CHAMPION (Judge Luis Catalan)
20130606 - CAC, BOS, BOB - MOLDOVA CHAMPION (Judge Cristian Stefanescu)
20130607 - CAC, BOS, BOB – GRAND CHAMPION OF MONTENEGRO (Judge Petru Muntean)
20130607 – CAC, BOS - (Judge Luis Pinto Teixeira)
20130608 - CAC, BOS, BOB - CYPRUS CHAMPION BEST IN GROUP III (Judge Carla Molinari)
20130608 - CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB – GRAND AZERBAIJAN CHAMPION (Judge Miodrag Vretenicic)
20130609 - CAC, BOS, BOB - CHAMPION OF MEDITERRANEAN (Judge Chris Zeniou)


Copenhagen Junior Winner -13

Tournais Joke Cracking Alpha Male "Alpha"

20130922 Copenhagen winner -13, junior klass vinnare, ck, res CERT, bästa hane 2, dom Adam Ostrowski


Copenhagen Junior Winner -13


Tournais Red Headed Stepdaughter "Mokka"

20130922 Copenhagen winner-13 junior, junior class winner, CQ, res CAC! judge Adam Ostrowski

20131116 Chinese Crested Specialty 2013 (nearly 100 cresteds entered) , CQ, Res CAC, best Bitch 2 and BIS junior!

20140714, Alfta, CAC , BOB and BIG 3, judge Malgorzata Supronowicz

20140719 Vejen, Denmark Ex 2, Res CAC
20140720 Vejen, Denmark Ex 1 , CQ , CAC , Best bitch 2nd

27/7-14 INT dogshow Ransäter Res CAC, res CACIB and 2nd best Bitch


20150220, Estonia CAC , 2nd best bitch

Handler Marianne Virta


20150221, Estonia, CAC and 2nd best bitch

Handler Marianne Virta

20150523, Helsingfors, Exc2, CQ, BB-3, res CAC, res CACIB, judge Sara Nordin

20150620 Estonia, Cac, BOB and SEUCH, EECH, DKCH

20150621 Estonia, BOB

20150705 Finland, FINCH and BOB, judge Irinia Poletaeva


Ltch , Eech, Seuch, Finch, Latch, Baltch, C.I.B

Tournais In It To Win It "Morgan"



Tournais Wicked Bubble Witch Saga "Soya"


20160305 Norway, CQ, best female 3rd, res CAC

My dog 2016, Ex, junior class winner, CRUFTS QUALIFICATION 17, CQ


20150515 Hässleholm juniorclass winner, CQ, res CAC and best male 4th

20150606 Norrköping, junior classwinner, ex, CQ, Res CAC AND best male 3rd

20150807 Litauen CAC

20150808 Litauen CAC , CACIB and BOS


20150815, Eskilstuna, CAC, 3rd best male

20150816 Norrköping, CQ, Classwinner, res CAC

20150829, Gotland, CQ, classwinner, CAC, best male 2nd

20150830, Gotland, CQ, classwinner, CAC, CACIB, best male 2nd

20150904, Norway at European Winner 2015, Classwinner, res CAC, res CACIB, best male 2nd

20150926 Åland, CAC and CACIB





Tournais Lean Mean Winning Machine

20170805 ck , cac , bh 2