News 2015



Today 20120820 i was to Strömsholm (animal hospital) and checked eyes on Wikke and Dante and everything was OK. Now to the BIG news, when i was there i was in a tv show recording for a show called Djurakuten for tv 3 in Sweden. It will start airing 3rd of Sept 2012 and will air 4 times a week during the autumn. Near the end of the series there is an episode about chinese crested dogs where i talk about checking the eyes, breeding, showing etc. I hope they will give the breed and my kennel good pr but in the end you never know how they are going to edit it. One thing i understand now is how hard all the people behind the tv shows work. After 6 hours im exhausted. So dont forget if you have acces to watch Djurakuten on tv 3 wich starts airing 3rd of Sep 2012.


We have gotten a new International IABC Champion AMCH Tournais Burning Midnight Oil "Levi". CONGRATULATIONS!


We have gotten a new champion Russian Champion

RUSJCH RUSCH TUCH Tournais Christmas Gift "Brandon".

20120922 Brandon also achieved his turkish champion title!



In July 2011 i started training Wikkie in obedience with the goal to get a obedience diploma before the end of the year. And then become the first chinese crested dog European obedience champion or at least  Scandinavians first. I am very happy and amazed with her intelligence. She completes moment after moment. Sometimes more then 1 moment per week. With this speed we should be ready next month to compete in obedience class 1. 

I have trained and alot of dogs in my life and im so impressed with wikkie because shes absolutely at the top. I decided to compete in obedience with wikkie because she never got back to her show form after her first litter. She would just have needed 1 more CAC to become Swedish champion. I think she can go as far as possible and i will happily follow her and we will try and go as far as it goes. This is definitely something fitting for a chinese crested with thier quick movements and where thought and action sometimes are one. /Maria


Finally this super gorgeous girl has arrived CANCH Suminka's Nellie No Knickers "Maggie". We are totally convinced that she will go far in the show rings. Thank you so much Stephanie and Grace for giving me the opportunity to get her. You will not regret this.


2011 Tournais kennel started breeding only cleared by default puppies regarding BOTH PRA/PRCD and PLL, this is one step towards healthier dogs. Of course i will still check eyes and patella every year and examine all dogs i use in breeding as i have done so far


in July 2010 our latest import will arrive from Canada and his name is

CANCH Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu. Its a wonderful boy that will be shown in the rings from the summer 2010. Furthermore he has Tournais blood since his father called Java is a brother of Tournais Shanti Shakti.



Wonderful toys of CCD made by: Rumyantseva Evgeniya, kennel RUGEN MIKO


Tournais Wicked Wich From The West "Wikkie" is only 14 months old

and is already on the most winning Chinese female list number 12

and the most winning junior today 20090706.