AM CH, FR CH, Gibraltar CH, INT CH Legend's Black Jack

AM CH Sarachi Start Of A Legend

Lemiz Master Of The House At Thalcyon

Thalcyon Mizz Cheivious For Sarachi
AMCH  Crestars Xquizite At Legends


AMCH  Blandora Without A Doubt

AMCH  CANCH  INTCH  Can BIS Crestars Optical Attraction


JEUW-06 Tournais Bee Gees "Yatzy"

Taijan Dreamer The Bacchus


USA CH Razzmatazz Araby

MULTI CH Strippoker's Dragqueen

Tournais Shanti Shakti


 Karests Just Jokin Around

AMCH S & FINUCH SUCH Tapscotts Anastasia