I have had a registered kennelsince 1984 called "Tournais". My first litter was borned in 1985. ItwasanBelgian Shepherdlitter.

This workingdogs took all my time considering that I was competing obedience etc with them.I baught my firstCCC 1994.

Ifell in love with this beautifuland uniquebreed.My first litter of this breed was born 1996.

I breed in a home environmentand I lay my importance in the health, with good bite and teeths and also good temperament.

Since 2003 I examine all my breeding stock for Perthes and Patella.Gradullay I will also check PRA on all my dogs.

This three health problems that do occur in the breed is important to avoid getting in order to keep your friend for many, many years.

So health issues are most important taks for me.

We are very "picky" when it comes to selectingdogs for breeding and I only choose the healthiest andthe most winning lines/dogs

in the world. Further I do import alot of dogs, but are the same with them, only do I buy dogs that are checked for both patella and perthes and often even PRA, also they have been sozialised to prepare them for the future and also to make themchange

home easily and without a bigger trauma. Also they have fulldentition and the best temperament that there is.

Of course a pupp from me will have a good temperament as they live in the family as family members together with my adult dogs and humans and absolutely not in crates/cages or special dog rooms etc.

I also export alot of dogs both to USA and other parts of the world where they also live like my own dogs as familymembers as the breeders do have the same value as me how to keep a dog. (and not in cages or crates etc.)

Exported dogs are also showed with winning results, please see under "CAC & Champions".

The pupps are delivered reg. in the kennel club, micro chipped, de-wormed, also they have a health certificate and all shots needed

for Sweden. Included are courses in skincare, care for coat and also info/training classes for show dogs for those who are

interested of this and needs this.

If you are interested in a puppy from me, you must call me. I don't sell any dogs via Internet.

I don't sell any dog in purchase and I want (if possible) recommendations.

I am a approved breeder according to Chinese Crested Clubs (Sweden) breeders examinations.

Picture above is me and my dogs in my garden.

Trollmyrens Bianca "Milo"

2 CAC´s

Breeder: Carina Fergeus

Tournais Shanti Shakti "Saga"

Maria Mc Dermit
Solgårdsvägen 17
714 32 Kopparberg